Beginning January 1, 2019, How Do I Verify That My Supervisor Is Qualified To Supervise?

When I was an Intern (now called Associate) the BBS (Board of Behavioral Science) monitored/verified the readiness of someone to supervise - and they posted the names of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers who had met the BBS qualifications to supervise.  NO MORE.  I was at the CAMFT 2018 Job Faire, and spoke with the BBS representatives there.  They were very candid in their dismay that the BBS no longer has the time or resources to monitor Supervisors.

The BBS "take" on how an Associated can verify their Supervisor's qualifications is to ask the Supervisor if they have met all the qualifications to supervise...Well...what if they are wrong?  What if they are misinformed?  Honest mistakes happen...Per the BBS, Associates are not held liable if a Supervisor was not qualified to supervise the Associate while they saw Clients.

Fine.  BUT YOUR HOURS WON'T COUNT.  And you won't know this until you submit your 3,000 hours to qualify to take the licensing exam.  Personally, I would lose my mind if I did all that work and it didn't count.

So How DO I Verify That My Supervisor Is Qualified To Supervise?

If the Supervisor is doing the bare minimum under current BBS regulations (licensed as a MFT or Social Worker for 2 years and a 6 hour supervision course) YOU CAN'T - you must rely on what the Supervisor says.  And really, with this power differential are you gonna demand to see the Supervisor's supervision CE certificate???  NOW WHAT???!!!

There are, however, Supervisors who are dedicated to being their best when it comes to offering Supervision.  They have chosen to be certified by CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist) or approved by AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.)  And this is no small task.  CAMFT certification takes a minimum of 12 months which include 18 hours of course work.  AAMFT approval is even more demanding, taking a minimum of 18 months which includes 3 full weekends of study and a Thesis.

You CAN verify CAMFT certification on the CAMFT website

You CAN verify AAMFT approval on the AAMFT website (without being a member of AAMFT)

And you guessed it...I'm listed on both sites ,-)


          Clinical Supervision is a requirement on your road to licensure.  It can be uplifting and full of joy - a valuable learning experience you will draw from for the rest of your professional career.  It can be a nightmare full of unreasonable expectations - demanding 200% - while getting very little in return, all of which makes you feel like a slave.  Or, it could be something in the middle.  Because of this, most Associates go from Supervisor to Supervisor, Site to Site, and take the full six years (if not more) of the first registration term to gain their required 3,000 hours of experience.

          I strive to offer you something different.  I have created an environment in which you feel at home, supported, believed in, a member of a team doing good work.  An experience in which you learn, grow, hone your skills, and become a competent, confident, self aware Therapist. 

          I do not take on every Associate who applies.  You have to want to be successful - not just show up every day and just survive.  You have to have a clear idea of who your ideal client is - who are they, where do they live, what are their symptoms, what is their life like, what do they tell you on their first visit to our office?  You have to be looking for a private practice experience, one in which you are disciplined enough to get up every day and tackle your career, not just sit back and expect things to magically happen [no overnight miracle here ,-) ] Together we will create marketing for you so your ideal client can find you.  Together we will hone your diagnostic and intervention skills.  I will keep you up to date with the BBS ever changing hourly requirements and test structure.  And I have one of the highest pay structures in the county.

       Currently, group supervision is offered every Wednesday morning, from 11am until 1pm.  You will be hired, and paid, by a non-profit corporation (IAS) while earning your pre-licensed hours in a private practice, private pay setting (Trilogy).  This will allow you to decide who your clients are, what hours you wish to work, and how much you wish to charge for your time. There are four offices and two conference rooms available for your use, so that you may see individuals, couples, families or groups.  We have an office manager, receptionist, separate men's and women's wash rooms, a full kitchen, and internet.   

          If you are interested in being supervised by a Supervisor who cares about your success and personal growth as a licensed professional, please give me a call - (714)743.5612   - and ask for Dr. Mickey

Associates Currently Under Supervision

Here's a little bit about my background and counseling experience, so you know who you're getting when you come for your interview.      

           In the counseling community Dr. Mickey is known as a skillful guided imagery practitioner, and a client’s rights advocate.  She is a noted guest speaker, utilized by the Hoag Memorial Hospital Breast Cancer Treatment Center, St. Joseph’s Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, CHOC and various local cancer support groups, and radio and internet talk shows, including KTSTFM’s On The Edge With Denise Marie.   Topics range from managing illness, pain, stress and sleeplessness, to overcoming addictions, eating disorders and grief, to family strife and parent-child conflicts.  Dr. Mickey has recorded CD’s and written several papers on guided imagery, alternative and complementary treatments, and current cultural issues, in order to help people better understand themselves and each other.   And, Dr. Mickey has been designated as a Preferred Provider to the VA for treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Stress, and marriage counseling. 

           Dr. Mickey has earned the title of Certified Guided Imagery Specialist by completing very specific training approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science, and offered through Dr. Charles D. Leviton and Patti Leviton, MA, of Synergy Seminars in Palm Springs, California.  Dr. and Mrs. Leviton are well known guided imagery authors, trainers and healers, whose services have been in constant demand among cancer treatment centers, hospitals and churches throughout the United States.  They have shared an amazing, skillful use of guided imagery with Dr. Mickey through their fine training.

           Dr. Mickey has also earned the title of Certified Grief Recovery Specialist by completing specialized training approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science, and offered through John W. James and Russell Friedman of the worldwide and world renowned Grief  Recovery Institute based in Sherman Oaks, California.  From 9/11, and up to his death, Mr. Friedman had been the “go-to” grief specialist for CNN, the Today Show and various news organizations, various police and fire departments, and various branches of the military, all around the United States, whenever a major tragedy occurs in the world.  Dr. Mickey trained directly with John and Russell at the institute’s flagship location in Southern California.

           During her decades of counseling experience, Dr. Mickey began to wonder who was helping our teens.  She realized that she wanted to make a difference in teenagers’ lives – empowering them with a new skill set to face challenges, and improve their relationships through self-awareness.  So, Dr. Mickey is proud to be a member of the very first Teen Wisdom ™ Life Coach Certification graduating class, offered by Tami Walsh, MA, founder of Teen Wisdom ™ Inc.  Both women share a passionate mission to empower teens.

            Since 2015, Dr. Mickey has been an addiction recovery group facilitator for Lotus Place Recovery in Fountain Valley, California.  She currently conducts 3 weekly groups ; Guided Meditation, LGBTQ Self Sexual and Cultural Identity, and CBT n Spirituality.  Thus, Dr. Mickey has first-hand knowledge of 12 step programs, and addiction treatments.

            And, regarding supervision, Dr. Mickey has been an Intern/Associate Supervisor since 2012.  She has supervised Interns/Associates for both for-profit and non-profit corporations, in school settings, drug recovery settings, and private pay/private practice settings. 

           Dr. Mickey holds a Doctorate of Holistic Life Counseling from the University of Sedona, a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern.  Dr. Mickey has been trained as a Disciples Facilitator through the United Methodist Church, and holds an Ordination Diploma, which qualifies her as a Nondenominational Minister.  

           Dr. Mickey is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) and has been a Mentor for NAWBO (the National Association of Women Business Owners).